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Martin Luther King, Super Hindu
This article was hard for me to compose since the man that this article is based upon helped me get out of my second and final stage of bigotry, the first stage that helped me was the movie Men of Honor. The following excerpts come from his books. There are a plethora of excerpts but I don't want to make your eyes bleed. This email was very, very painful for me to write knowing how I was deceived. I have a large collection of MLK books at home, t-shirts that I now have thrown out, and at first I collected them (books) because I envied the guy, but now God has made me realize it was for the exact opposite… to expose him!

The following excerpts come from his books. There are a plethora of excerpts but I don't want to make your eyes bleed.

King compares Gandhi to Jesus! :mlk3
“But, I beg of you to indulge me this morning to talk about the life of a man who lived in India. And I think I am justified in doing this because I believe this man, more than anybody else in the world, caught the spirit of Jesus Christ and lived it more completely in his life. His name was Gandhi, Mohandas K. Gandhi.”
— Martin Luther King, The Papers of Martin Luther King, Vol. 5, Threshold of a new age, Jan 1959- Dec 1960, pg 146
“And I believe these two passages of scripture (John 10:16 and John 14:12) apply more uniquely to the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi than to any other individual in the history of the world. For here was a man who was not a Christian in terms of being a member of the Christian church but who was a Christian. And it is one of those strange ironies of the modern world that the greatest Christian of the twentieth century was not a member of the Christian church. And, the second thing is, that this man took the message of Jesus Christ and was able to do even greater works than Jesus did in his lifetime. Jesus himself predicted this: “Ye shall do even greater works.”
— Martin Luther King, The Papers of Martin Luther King, Vol. 5, Threshold of a new age, Jan 1959- Dec 1960, pgs 147-48
King questions the son-ship of Jesus and states it was influenced by pagan cults!:
“How then did this doctrine of divine sonship come into being? We must find a partial clue to the actual rise of this doctrine in the spreading of Christianity into the Greco-Roman world. I need not elaborate on the fact that the Greeks were very philosophical minded people. Through philosophical thinking the Greeks came to the point of subordinating, distrusting, and even minimizing anything physical. Anything that possessed flesh was always undermined in Greek thought. And in so to receive inspiration from Jesus the Greeks had to apotheosize him. We must remember that the Logos concept had its origin in Greek thought. It was only natural that the early Christians, after coming into contact with the Greeks would be influenced by their thought….”
— Martin Luther King, “What experiences of Christians Living in the early Christian Century Led to the Christian Doctrines of the Divine Sonship of Jesus, Virging birth, and the bodily resurrection”, The Papers of Martin Luther King vol. 1, Called to Serve, pg 227

These many religions were not alike in every respect; to draw this conclusion would lead to a gratuitous and erroneous supposition. But it is to be noticed that they possessed many fundamental likenesses; (1) All held that the initiate shared in symbolic (sacramental) fashion the experiences of the god. (2) All had secret rites for the initiated. (3) All offered mystical cleansing from sin. (4) All promised a happy future life for the faithful.\[Footnote:] Enslin, Christian Beginnings, pp. 187, 188.

It is not at all surprising in view of the wide and growing influence of these religions that when the disciples in Antioch and elsewhere preached a crucified and risen Jesus they should be regarded as the heralds of another mystery religion, and that Jesus himself should be taken for the divine Lord of the cult through whose death and resurrection salvation was to be had.

It is at this point that we are able to see why knowledge of these cults is important for any serious New Testament study. It is well-nigh impossible to grasp Christianity through and through without knowledge of these cults. That there were striking similarities between the developing church and these religions cannot be denied. Even Christian apologist had to admit that fact. For an instance, in the mystery-religions identification between the devotee and the Lord of the cult was supposed to be brought about by various rites of initiation; the taurobolium, or bath of blood; the eating of flesh of the sacrifical beast and the like. Now there was something of this in Paul too, for he thought of the believer as buried with Christ in baptism and as feeding upon him in the eucharist. This is only one of many examples that I could give to prove the similarity between the developing Christian Church and the Mystery Religions.

This is not to say that a Saint Paul or a Saint John sat down and copied these views verbatim. But after being in contact with these surrounding religions and hearing certain doctrines expressed, it was only natural for some of these views to become a part of their subconscious minds. When they sat down to write they were expressing consciously that which had dwelled in their subconscious minds. It is also significant to know that Roman tolerance had favoured this great syncretism of religious ideas. Borrowing was not only natural but inevitable.

One of the most interesting of these ancient cults was Mithraism, which bore so many points of resemblance to Christianity that it is a challenge to the modern student to investigate these likenesses and learn more about them. Mithraism is perhaps the greatest example of paganism's last effort to reconcile itself to the great spiritual movement which was gaining such sturdy influence with its purer conception of God.\[Footnote:] Dill, Roman Society From Nero to Marcus Aurelius, p. 585.\ Ernest Renan, the French philosopher and Orientalist, expressed the opinion that Mithraism would have been the religion of the modern world if anything had occured to halt or destroy the growth of Christianity in the early centuries of its existence.This section follows closely Halliday, p. 282. All this goes to show how important Mithraism was in ancient times.
— King Papers Project, Volume I, 13 September to 23 November 1949
The second doctrine in our discussion posits the virgin birth. This doctrine gives the modern scientific mind much more trouble than the first, for it seems downright improbable and even impossible for anyone to be born without a human father. First we must admit that the evidence for the tenability of this doctrine is too shallow to convince any objective thinker. To begin with, the earliest written documents in the New Testament make no mention of the virgin birth. Moreover, the Gospel of Mark, the most primitive and authentic of the four, gives not the slightest suggestion of the virgin birth.   

The effort to justify this doctrine on the ground that it was predicted by the prophet Isaiah is immediately eliminated, for all New Testament scholars agree that the word virgin is not found in the Hebrew original, but only in the Greek text which is a mistranslation of the Hebrew word for young woman. How then did this doctrine arise?  A clue to this inquiry may be found in a sentence from St. Justin’s First Apology. He Justin states that the birth of Jesus is quite similar to the birth of the sons of Zeus. It was believed in Greek thought that any extraordinary person could only be explained by saying that he had a father who was more than human. It is probable that this Greek idea influenced Christian thought.
— Martin Luther King, “What experiences of Christians Living in the early Christian Century Led to the Christian Doctrines of the Divine Sonship of Jesus, Virging birth, and the bodily resurrection”, The Papers of Martin Luther King vol. 1, Called to Serve, pg 228
King has not read Luke 1:34 where Mary admits she was a virgin. And Matt 1:19-25 where Joseph rightfully panics when Mary is pregnant. Mark doesn't mention the virgin birth because it starts off in his adulthood.
“The last doctrine in our discussion deals with the resurrection story. This doctrine, upon which the Easter faith rests, symbolizes the ultimate Christian conviction: that Christ conquered death. From a literary, historical, and philosophical point of view this doctrine raises many questions. In fact the external evidence for the authenticity of this doctrine is found wanting….They (Christians) had been captivated by the magnetic power of his personality. This basic experience led to the faith that he could never die. And so, in pre-scientific thought pattern of the first century, this inner faith to outward form.”
— Martin Luther King, “What experiences of Christians Living in the early Christian Century Led to the Christian Doctrines of the Divine Sonship of Jesus, Virging birth, and the bodily resurrection”, The Papers of Martin Luther King vol. 1, Called to Serve, pg 229
“I had always been the questioning and precocious type. At the age of thirteen, I shocked my Sunday school class by denying the bodily resurrection of Jesus. Doubts began to spring forth unrelentingly."
“They (Calvin and Luther) maintained that Christ actually took the place of sinners in the sight of God, and as a substitutee he suffered the punishment that was due to men. But all of this is based on a false view of personality. Merit and guilt are not transferable from one person to another. They are inalienable from personality. Moreover, on moral grounds, a person cannot be punished in the place of another.
Another weakness in this theory of atonement is that it is based on the assumption that the chief obstacle to man’s redemption is in the nature of God. But there was never any obstacle to man’s redemption in God himself. The real obstacle to man’s redemption has always lain in man himself. It is from the standpoint, therefore, that the death of Christ is to be interpreted. Christ’s death was not a ransom, or a penal substitute, or a penal example, rather it was a revelation of the sacrificial love of God intended to awaken an answering love in the hearts of man.
— Martin Luther King, “A comparison and Evaluation of the Theology of Luther with that of Calvin,” The Papers of Martin Luther King, vol. 2, Rediscovering Precious Values, pg. 174
King is essentially exalting Muslim theology.

Long ago, the Greek philosopher Horaclitus argued that justice emerges from the strife of opposites, and Hegel, in modern philosophy, preached a doctrine of growth through struggle. It is both historically and biologically true, that there can be no birth and growth without birth and growing pains. Whenever there is the emergence of the new we confront the recalcitrance of the old. So the tensions in which we witness in the world today are indicative of the fact that a new world order is being born and the old order is passing away.
— Martin Luther King, “Facing the challenge of a New Age,” Delivered at the first annual Institute on Non-violence and Social Change, published in the Papers of Martin Luther King, vol. 3 Birth of a New Age. Pg. 454
The 28-year-old Baptist minister said in his sermon that after Montgomery Negroes began a 381-day bus boycott on Dec. 5, 1955, "I went to bed many nights scared to death" by threats against himself and his family. "Early on a sleepless morning in January, 1956," King said, "rationality left me." Then, "almost out of nowhere I heard a voice that morning saying to me: “Preach the Gospel, stand up for the truth, stand up for righteousness."
King went on, "Since that morning I can stand up without fear. So I'm not afraid of anybody this morning.

He recounts a similar experience in the middle of January of 1956, where he was praying and then he heard the quiet reassurance of an inner voice saying: “Martin Luther, stand up for righteousness, stand up for justice. Stand up for truth. And lo, I will be with you. Even unto the end of the world.”
Could Martin have been talking to a demon? He didn’t believe Jesus died for our sins, so demons could have set up shop in King soul.
The Washington Observer Newsletter reported that "When the FBI agents had King under surveillance, they observed him meet a well-identified Soviet espionage agent at the Kennedy Airport in New York. They also secured evidence that King was receiving large sums of money from a well-known American Communist agent who gives King instructions that he implicitly obeys."
(Congressional Record April 11, 1968 pg. E3005)

When the government raided the Southern Conference Educational Fund (labeled by the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee as "a communist transmission belt for the South.") a check was found made out to Martin Luther King, Jr.– it was endorsed for cashing – the signatures on the check are those of James Dombrowski and Benjamin Smith (registered agent of Fidel Castro), both were identified Communist agents and the check is noted to be for "New York Expenses" The check was dated March 7, 1963

The most complete analysis of King’s chronic plagiarism in his academic career was done by Gerry Harbison, professor of Chemistry at University of Nebraska:  “In 1988, the Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project made a discovery that shocked it to its core. The Project, a group of academics and students, had been entrusted by Coretta Scott King with the task of editing King's papers for publication. As they examined King's student essays and his dissertation, they gradually became aware that King was guilty of massive plagiarism - that is, he had copied the words of other authors word-for-word, without making it clear that what he was writing was not his own.

The Project spent years uncovering the full extent of King's plagiarism. In November 1990, word leaked to the press, and they had to go public. The revelations caused a minor scandal and then were promptly forgotten.” Suppressed would be a more accurate description.  The National Endowment for the Humanities actively suppressed the story in preparation for celebrating King. His files are sealed until 2027. Its then director was Lynne Cheney, wife of the former Vice President, Dick Cheney.
He also plagiarized the closing part of his “I have a dream speech” from Archibald Carey, Jr.’s address to the 1952 Republican National Convention.

I could go on about his sexual escapades, even admitting to Coretta his infidelity just as she was getting surgery for a tumor, his wiretaps with the FBI etc.

I will close off this email with this link. Margaret Sanger was the mother of modern day eugenics, she helped create the birth control pill.

God Bless You all.  And yes...the Truth shall set you free! Amen! When Jesus gives you TRUTH he gives you TRUTH!

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