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The Mark Of The Beast Defined: Cymatics

There is much Bible discussion on what the real mark of the beast is. A chip? A tattoo? A spiritual mark only?

Let me give you a different theory.

In the video below, Sofia Smallstorm at Conspiracy Con, Sofia explains the nature of chemtrails. She goes through extensive research showing that not only are the metals and plastics being sprayed on us entering into our bodies, but that they are actual nano-technology (cell sized robots). People have even had open wounds out of which plastic fibers "grow."

Lets face it, we all breath in chemtrails every day. That stuff is in us. So why are some people having reactions to the stuff whereas it remains dormant in others?

Let me show you another short video on Cymatics.

As you can see, magnets drive the metals into pre-set shapes and patterns. Its much less sophisticated than nanites, but demonstrates our ability to use magnetic signals to manipulate metals.

Now, we all know about HAARP and electromagnetic technology. It is the essential ability to use different frequencies in order to manipulate anything from brain function to the rotation of the earth. We emit frequencies in low thermal bands, but we absorb almost anything. In physics man is almost considered an electromagnetic 'antenna' able to receive bands of electromagnetic frequencies through the pineal gland.

So, think about it, we have manipulatable metals in our bodies that broaden the amount and level of frequencies our bodies can receive. We have giant antennas around the world that can emit any frequency and we are the perfect vehicle to accept all of these factors through spiritual depravity.

What I'm suggesting here is that the mark of the beast will be a mark under the skin, caused by a signal sent world view that activates the metals inside of us to form in the forehead or in the right hand.
The Last Airbender, based on the cartoon, illustrates perfectly the nature of the mark of the beast in this image (they stuck it on the left hand).

It won't be a 'chipping program' because it seems that although being chipped is desired by Satan that we are being flooded with RFID news in order to focus attention on this rather primitive method of marking people. Far more powerful technologies exist today that negate chipping as a viable mark of the beast.

Lets get something straight: just as the Bible tells us there are 'anti-Christs' and there is 'The Anti-Christ' so too are there 'marks of the beast' and 'The Mark of the Beast.'

So, my understanding of Bible prophecy is thus:
The anti-Christ will cause craft (witchcraft and technologies) to prosper in his hand. He will be hailed as a 'god', being seen around the world. He will have power to 'cause' the mark of the beast to form inside of the wicked. The placing of the mark of the beast will itself be considered a miracle. That is to say; when the mark of the beast is implemented the populace will not have been chipped but will believe they were miraculously marked by the messiah (ascended master, alien saviours, imam mahdi, etc).

The nanites will be responsive to changes in frequencies either in the person or through the world electromagnetic web.
If a man hooked up his electromagnetic output to a giant antenna and pumped it all over the world to people with the proper receptors (metals in our body) he could literally control, or at least, communicate and influence the population of the world.

Thus, we are faced with this massive, utterly devious and satanic conspiracy to overwhelm our spirits with overwhelming technology and magic.

But those who live in Christ and Christ in them will be protected in those days.

Theoretically, those metals and that frequency will effect us no less than any other man. So what happens to Christians?

I believe that the mark will miraculously not appear in those who live for Jesus Christ. I also believe that the acceptance of the mark of the beast is spiritual in nature, and not a decision solely of the flesh. That is to say, if you have accepted the beast in your heart, you will accept the mark in your body.

Those of us who have rejected the mark will be persecuted and deemed that scum of the earth, the rejectors of 'god' and worthy of death. Not just because people are following Satan, but because they have been given over to a control system using the very frequencies of our bodies. They will be drones and zombies linked in with the anti-Christ through technology.

The buying and selling portion of scripture (Rev 13:17) I believe that those without the mark will become social rejects and deemed 'anti-God' and 'anti-earth' to the point where they will not be able to engage in business. The mark in each person could technologically be individual in each person, like a fingerprint, based on the subtle differences in our own electromagnetic output.

This would also provide a pattern in the head or hand which could be used by scanners as RFID-like in functionality.

Additionally, in order for this system to work a 'new' Holy Spirit must be created that would allow people to be 'empowered' into believing they have 'telepathic' and 'telekinetic' powers.

This will be the dawning of the New Age that promises people power; this will be the event that tricked those who claim to be Christians as well as those of all false religions, to wonder after the beast. The delusion of power.

If enough HAARPs are firing 24/7 around the world and the will of the anti-Christ is plugged directly into the spirit of man, pumping his will into them, the weak, emaciated, matriarchal world will fall to its knees before him in awe.
This idea has been shown to us in films. Batman Forever (1995) featured a machine where peoples thoughts were absorbed through the television into the Riddler. Independence Day (1996) and other alien movies, featured centralized hubs out of which all technological power was derived. We see the potential for this as one of the most subtle messages satan has been expressing through various mediums.

It seems to me that our spirits, our souls, will play a larger role in our lives in the end times. For those who do not have one, who have sold it into bondage, they will be easily controlled, not having the life in them. For those with Christ, we will be persecuted heavily for not having the mark in our bodies.

Pray that you are accounted worthy to escape such things,

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