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Heineken and the Demonic Circus
Finding The Esoteric In The Suds


IF you haven't seen these Heineken commercials that have been coming out over the past couple of years, then I think you are going to be shocked at what you area going to see.

I have noticed one of the heaviest and most blatant groundwork of esoteric messages in the Heineken corporation. It uses satanic symbols all over the place. So lets look at the heart of what this corporation is about.

According to Heineken International's official history Heineken(71) was started in 1864 in Amsterdam(94).

Here's the thing. The promotional videos from 2012 state they are celebrating their 140th anniversary. This tipped me off that something was amiss. I calculated the year that would have been their first year, had this actually been the 140th.

1872… Now, I'm not sure how much you know about esoteric messages and the King James Code, which seems more and more relevant in our lives today. 1872 is a very satanic number.

18 is esoteric for 6+6+6. 72 is the number of names for satan/devils and is also two of the three angels of a pentagram, the other being 36, another esoteric term for 3 6's.

1+8+7+2 also adds up to 18… again.

The number 140 also has some significance Biblically. 14 (esoterically '0' meaning 'nothing') is a reference, in relation to time, the 14 generations between each 'kingship' or 'patriarch' mentioned in Matthew:

[Mat 1:17] So all the generations from Abraham to David [are] fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon [are] fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ [are] fourteen generations.

So when they say 140 years, what they are referencing are the generation of Jesus Christ being over, since this 140th anniversary is coupled with a redesign of the Heineken bottle… we will get into that.

Now, sure, those are just numbers… they could have just made a mistake and said its their 140th anniversary when really its their 148th. Maybe this is all just coincidence, you are saying, I'm going to need more than numbers. I hear you.

Lets look at the Heineken logos (read this little synopsis on what 'logos' really means).
Here is Heineken's logos. It might look familiar, an every day staple in ones visual life experience. But you have been bewildered never having considered what this logos is actually made up of.

The most prominent satanic feature is clearly the red star centred between the words "trade mark."

Now the five pointed star is a pentagram. It is used in satanic rituals as an 'altar' or associated with 'protection' when encircled. This pentagram is in fact encircled by the inner portion of the white shield around it. That is the esoteric meaning of the star. Heineken itself, on its own website, also points us to some interesting details about what the star means:

"The red star is an original icon of the brand, used since the very beginning. Its exact origins are unknown but there are a few possible explanations. For example, some people think it was a symbol of European brewers in the Middle Ages, who believed it to have mystical powers to protect their brew.

Another explanation is that four points of the star symbolise the elements earth, fire, water and wind and that the fifth point is the unknown, representing an element that brewers in the Middle Ages couldn’t control.

A third explanation is that the position of a star on the front door of the brewery indicated the stage of the brewing process. During the Cold War, the original design was altered to avoid association with communism (it was replaced by a white star with a red outline). After the end of the Cold War, the original full red star was restored. For us, the red star's principle association is a festive, warm and cheerful mood."

They basically admit that the star was considered a witchcraft and satanic device used to protect the brewers and that the four elements combine with a fifth 'unknown element' which is uncontrollable. This is undoubtedly a reference to the witchcraft of cursing an object (the beer itself) using the four elements and the fifth element (remember the movie?) which is the light of Lucifer.

This idea of the light of Lucifer is found in the writings of many occultists. Albert Pike, Manly P. Hall, Madame Blavatsky, Alistar Crowley, Anton LeVay, Eliphias Levi, etc. The Bible also says that Lucifer is teh "son of the morning," which is where all of these accounts are derived from:

[Isa 14:12] How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

Now, you might think, "that's a jump of reasoning!" Keep your hats on.

The logo sports the words "trade mark" seemly innocently. But they have some fairly interesting origins when you consider what the words actually mean.

trade (n.)
late 14c., "path, track, course of action," introduced by the Hanse merchants, from M.Du. or M.L.G. trade "track, course"

trade (v.)
1540s, "to tread a path," from trade (n.). Meaning "to occupy oneself (in something)

mark (n.1)
"trace, impression," O.E. mearc (W.Saxon), merc (Mercian) "boundary, sign, limit, mark,"

mark (v.)
"to put a mark on," O.E. mearcian (W.Saxon), merciga (Anglian) "to trace out boundaries,"

mark (n.2)
"unit of money or weight," late O.E. marc, a unit of weight (chiefly for gold or silver) equal to about eight ounces

To anyone astute in Biblical language, this immediatly brings to mind [Rev 16:2] and the 'mark of the beast.' The 'trade' in this case being your soul in exchange for illumination.

In clear terms, trademark can mean a few things when put together, the primary meaning being "the limits of a path/boundary" or "the wealth of a path."

In either circumstance, the use of trade mark is referring to the idea that the pentagram is the 'limited path' a reference to the narrow path of [Mat 7:14] and that this path is prosperous. Coupled with the pentagram we get: 'the narrow/prosperous path of Lucifer."

But, wait, isn't Jesus Christ dubbed as the "morning star" in [Rev 22:16]? Couldn't the star be a reference to Jesus Christ?

Its a valid question. So lets see what else we have on this logo that might point us to who this star is referring to. The truth is in the details.
Underneath the word "Heineken" you will see two small circles. I've provided a vector of the image for you to zoom up on. You'll see some startling things. First, lets go to the left. The man in the middle is surrounded by objects of the sea. An anchor, starfish, fish, seaweed. It also appears as if he's either reaching back to control the rudder of a ship or is about to throw a greek victory wreath from his hand. I's tend to think he's doing both.

This man is the wreath awarder associated with the sea. Now, we could take this in two directions, but again, I would tend to think its both. This man represents both an Atlantian and Poseidon, or whatever 'god of the sea' you would like to choose (they're all just repeats of one another).

Thor and Atlantis was the idea of a great civilization, put forward by Plato, that had been destroyed when it was engulfed by the sea. Plato, here, is actually referencing the great civilization of giants which existed pre-flood, whom he worshipped as superior. The idea of Atlantis was also a central theme in the Thule and Theosophical societies that spawned Naziism and the idea of a Nordic super race of which Odin were primary figureheads.

So, figuratively, this man is another picture of satan, who supports and awards the wreaths to faithful servants of Atlantis and greek mythological gods.

To go back to numbers for a second, the Atlantian is surrounded by 33 dots, 33 being an esoteric number (especially in Freemasonry) for rulership over the holy city Jerusalem, found in [1Ki 2:11]. Jerusalem is Biblically considered 'God's chosen dwelling' due to the building of the temple of Solomon. It is also prophesied to be the location of the new temple where the anti-Christ will declare himself to be god [2Th 2:4].

Now, we could get into the wreath, but I think that will be another article in itself. The wreath has 6 olives, 4 acorns, 9 oak leaves, 14 olive leaves, 13 branches, 1 ribbon and 1 eye-shaped object. There is significance in every one of these objects and numbers. The ribbon is a symbol of banding, or bondage. But I will spare you.

The circle on the right has the identical outer wreath, with an inner wreath and the words "decernee a Heineken" which is translated "awarded to Heineken."

The wreath itself is full of Biblical and esoteric messages. 12 circles are the twelve lions of protection, or the twelve patriarchs and twelve apostles. Each twelve correlates with one of the 14 year generational periods in the beginning of Matthew, which we already discussed, meaning the 12 apostles were in the fourth generation, the 12 lions in the third and second generation and the 12 patriarchs (sons of Jacob) in the first generational period from Abraham. The twelve are found within 24 leaves, another Biblical reference to the 24 elders of [Rev 19:4] among other places. The are all anchored, so-to-speak on the square. If you look, if you really consider this square and the two lines, branches, that are around it, it looks like a building standing on a foundation.

If you notice, on either side of the foundational lines there are 18 objects (6+6+6 again) centered around the square at the bottom centre. I am going to argue that this square is in fact, the temple of God, the third temple of Jerusalem. These two foundations are the historical false gods mocking the Godhead. For Jesus are the false messiahs (Horus, Krishna, Mithra, Apollyon, the pope, Dionysus, Attis, Buddah, Muhammad, Metreaya, Joseph Smith, Obama, et cetera) and the false Father God (Vishnu, Lucifer, Allah, Sol Invictus, Osiris, Ron Hubbard, Alistar Crowley, Dagon, Baal, the pope, Zeus, Molech, et cetera). The temple is the house of the Holy Spirit. In this case the Holy Spirit is replaced by the WHORE OF BABYLON, who has fornicated with all the nations, (Isis, catholic virgin Mary, Ashtaroth, Shiva, Madonna, Gaga, Jezabel, Blavatsky, Snow White, Hera, Sophia, et cetera).

This is, in fact, the portal to godhood, through the woman, which the angels saught after in Genesis 6. It is an opening through the third strand of DNA mixing man and angel into, yet again, the abomination Nephilim breed. Again, we could argue that this thirteen part is, in fact, Jesus Christ, who was the foundation of the 12 apostles. But the rest of the imagery is symbolic of the 'new age,' or the new beginning and end of the fourth 14th generational period.

This gets even more exciting.

There are two flower-esque symbols to the right and left of each circle we just discussed. You might see a few things on first glance. A flower, the union between man and woman, the seed and the vessel, etc. Let me give you a kick in the pants.

This photo illustrates the meaning behind the eye of Horus and its integral parts. This 'flower symbol' is really a recompilation of the parts of the eye of hours. Each eye has 3 furls for 'taste' (its a beer after all), 1 for hearing (combined into one unit), 1 for smell (also combined together) and 1 for touch. This symbol also clearly makes a sideways 'heart' (which is the '69' symbol for union and the third strand of DNA) and an arrow-head, sprung from the heart, which is a universal symbol for Cupid and him killing people with love (in this case Lucifer).

If that doesn't convince you that Heineken is a satanic, esoteric front for the coming of the new age of satan, then these commercials sure will. All of the following videos are taken from the Heineken YouTube website.

Now, the firs video, "‪Winning design for 2012 Heineken future limited edition bottle competition‬", is full of esoteric messages and numbers, but I will spare you the details.

LOGOSLOGOS It features the winning design for the 'new Heineken' which also has a clear esoteric message. That being the planet combined into the star, the pentagram, with the slogan "The Future" under it. The future being the one world government of anti-Christ.

The other side of the bottle reminds me of the expression "a thousand points of light" which George Bush Sr. made famous in his tributary speech to the light of Lucifer. It also forms an "S" or a 'wave' of stars, signifying satan's overbearing light in the future.

Think I'm crazy, the designer, Mark van Iterson admits no less:
Social connectivity was the inspiration behind Heineken’s brief to create a design that will mark our 140th year.  Through a pioneering design process using digital space to unite creative talent from all around the world, Lee and Rodolfo have created a premium visual concept that summarises how our world communicates through time. The way the design shifts the continents to create one world, in combination with the Heineken star as a planet in the centre of a galaxy unites two strong perspectives on a similar idea – the collaboration through the visual language of the design was obvious.”

One of the designers, Rodolfo Kusulas, agrees:
“An enlargement of the star shaped planet, but shows how through the world getting smaller, the continents are becoming compressed together. Long distance travel is achievable in shorter and shorter times, and our lives are lived out online. The future sees our planet further condensed – just like the red star in my creation.”

Thus, out 'online lives' are the fantasies we live out through a one world connected under the star and light of the pentagram, symbolically, the Goat of Mendes and Lucifer.

All of this symbology follows along the lines, that Pastor Mike Hoggard exposed, about the union of the sons of God and the daughters of men, genetic manipulation and the erasing of true, Bible believing Christians.

Don't buy that either? Lets look at the commercials.

Here are the four commercials:


Features angels watching over a 'These were released September 9th, 2011 (9/9/2011= 22{revelation}). There is a clearly Biblical slant to this video. A battle taking place between two mesmerizing soccer players. The three men in suits watch without blinking, being handed the light of Lucifer by angels (the bottle of Heineken), as the battle plays out. If you pause @00:23, you'll see 'the host of heaven.' But you may have noticed some things about these angels. Fist off, they are clothed in white, but come in darkness. In this still, you can see the angels spiralling upward, but not towards the light of God, but a darkness, a black void. That's also not mentioning that all of the angels are women, which is Biblically inaccurate (there are no female angels in the Bible), and usually a female angel denotes an evil spirit or fallen angel.

The soccer game slows down, as the men watch. This symbolically is telling of an end times scenario. The three men (who represent the three sins; lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, pride of life) are waiting to see the result of the final conflict between good and evil. They 'hang onto the light of Lucifer' so-to-speak, by clutching their bottles of beer. The commercial ends with the phrase "open your world," sending us the message that we are to accept this brainwashing taking place here and 'open our third eye' (the source of Luciferian light). The sacker ball is also covered in pentagrams and stars.


The next commercial features a Roman colosseum theme. Two roman soldiers stand by the three men representing sin. The Roman soldiers are wearing kilts. I believe this is the merging of Rome (the Vatican) with Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Men in masks, who appear identical in body shape (perhaps genetically altered Nephilim offspring), carrying horses with roman gods on them, one being Pan, the god of melodies.

The other goddess plays a harp, I believe, a reference to satan again, Aeolus, the greek god that plays the harp. It could also be referencing HAARP, the weather weapon that has the ability to cause earthquakes. There are two other 'gods' that you can see @1:07. One plays a pan flute and the other a french horn. This one man three women theme reminds me of the vision of Mohammed in which he saw Allah, with three daughter gods. Perhaps the Rome mixed with Freemasonry is in conjunction with Islam's attempt at a bloody world domination, which would be considered the four horsemen.

A soccer ball ascends from the light, falling from heaven. Again, the drinks are served to them as the three men stare. There are in fact 4 horsemen.. another apocalyptic reference to the four horsemen. The commercial slows again, showing us the last moments of the battle between good and evil. Unlike the first commercial, the second boasts a more prominent gateway. Two pillars with a white room, on top of which sin rests with the light of Lucifer. I, again, see this portal of the goal as the temple of God rebuilt by sin.

Both of these commercials were also on a stage, pervading that this entire ordeal is nothing more than a play (perhaps showing us that the conflicts we are seeing today are contrived in order to push a one world government).


The next commercial is a repeat, with a comedic twist, showing the impatience of men who have worshipped satan for so long, but been disappointed at his coming. It has been a long road for satan's order to come in, and they are still waiting for his final victory. Especially considering that we are way past 14 generations from Jesus Christ.


The fourth is another comical commercial showing the confusion of those possessed by the spirit of evil. That there is an internal conflict of devils and demons, who cannot decide 'where to go.'

People tend to take these thing, these commercials, as innocent and without any real meaning. But when we consider the esoteric messages spewed forth from the logos and numbers of Heineken, we see a clear and definable message.

The New Age is here, the Plan is almost complete. Just One Last Chance, to score and win. And its up to Man to do it.

Please consider what I have written here with care. There is more to this in the greater world and you will find these specific symbols everywhere you look in a repeated story rearranged over and over.

In Christ,

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