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Diablo III
'This is just the beginning'

I used to play a lot of Blizzard games, so I still get their newsletter. I read this one, Diablo III comes out tonight, May 14th, with a massive amount of 'launch events' going on around the world.

arLook at the language of the description. It says at midnight they will be 'ushering in the end of days' and that 'official launch events around the planet to celebrate the ARRIVAL of Diablo III'. The image of the angel says above it 'And the heavens shall tremble.'

Telling you an, these games are evil. I finally quit play World of Warcraft after I did a quest where they get you to torture a baby gorilla. And I thought then, 'kids play this game, why am I torturing a gorilla?'

Anyway, there is a trailer [link] and more info on their website. Essentially its about the war between devils and angels coming to 'the world of men.'

They use a lot of Biblical ideas, archangels, diablo (devil, satan) and then inject a hero base of man, who use magic and enchantments, magic objects, et cetera.

Really, this particular game is all about fallen angels, as the trailer references the fact that the bosses killed in the original two games were originally angels. This is coming after the WOW release of Cataclysm, which featured a giant demonic dragon.

arThese are all clear references to satan, the dragon, the old serpent. But what seems to be the message in the trailer is that the attempt to resist the devil is what gives him his power.

At the end of the trailer the head archangels kills diablo against the wishes of the others. They say 'if you kill him he will just return in time.' But he does so anyway, and the blood of diablo splashes on the angels that would eventually turn and become evil.

The idea here is, again, resisting the devil will turn you over to him.

Notice also the three lines on the forehead of the demon, a 666 reference much like Monster Power Drink. The nose also is in the shape of a 'V' referencing the 5, in Roman numerals, goals of satan. If you look closely at this image you will see the goat of Mendes in his forehead.ar

These images glorify satan, turning the spirit, who will one day be look upon as weak and pitiful, as some sort of super-powered deity with an artistic bent on rendering the things in the earth.

Also, one of the 'good classes' is a witch doctor.ar

I have also spent a lot of time painfully going through the developer interviews to see if they mention anything about the occultic/satanic nature of the game in relation to the Bible. Here's what I found:

BlizzCast 17
@ 7:50 of this video the developer mentions 'Nephilim artifacts'. Now, I have played and beaten, multiple times, Diablo I and II. I have never ever seen a reference to the Nephilim. This is a first.

Developer Diaries Part 5
@ 5:00 they claim 'Diablo III is the beginning' and speak of the games as if it is alive, an entity on its own. I believe this is a reference to the possession that most of the players will be experiencing while playing this game over and over due to the randomization tactics used in the 'programming'.

Wizard Spotlight
This video is clearly satanic. The 'hero' is, again, using 'evil against evil.' Also, a great way to 'empower women' to see themselves practicing magic.
Purgatory May 7th
@ 3:45 they mention that there are 18 tiers of gear sets in total for each character. There are 5 classes of characters. 18 often used as the esoteric reference to '666' and the 5 again as the goals of satan. The 18th level is essentially the 'highest grade' of items, or the achievement of 666.

You could literally go through all of these videos and find the satanic messages hidden within. Whether or not these people realize what they are saying, the spirit of this game is one of introducing hell, as if to say that this is a prophetic game showing the future.

I have played years worth (literally) of video games and I can tell you that they are some of the worst offenders when it comes to mind control and demonic infestation. I remember playing for days, against my parents wishes, straight through whatever time I had, sometimes for days without sleep. You dream video games, you see them when you close your eyes and fantasize about being successful in the 'challenges' they present you with.

The release is tonight, so I am probably going to be pray specifically about this. I hope you do as well.

Jesus Christ be with you,

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