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Origins of the Word Human
It is a common misconception that the word Human comes from the latin Humanus derived from the words Humus, meaning earth or ground and man. The problem is that the first know use of the word Humus (1796) came after the first use of the word Humanus (?-1384) of which it was supposedly composed. This deception of etymology is to cover up the true origins of the word human.

It is actually a composition of the words hue (?-900) and man, together literally meaning the colour of man or the appearance of man.

The idea of a human is really the idea which would later become race (1300). This idea of evolution, that one form of man is superior to the other as a result of gradual development. Thus the expression Human Race, ha, ha, ha, the race of the colour of man, ha, ha, ha…

This word is used everywhere and anywhere, except one place: The Bible. The Bible (1611 KJV) makes it clear that man is not in a race, man is a living soul. Additionally, the appearance and colour of that man is irrelevant in the Bible, the kingdom of heaven receives all kinds.

If we look at the later applications of the word human, it is clear to me that humanizing people (colouring people) was another way of justifying the ideas of race and inferior ape descendants that allowed slaveries and holocausts of Africans, Jews, Natives and Christians. Atrocities that would not have happened had the Bible and its laws been followed.

Hitler talked about the master race and he learned such things from Madame Blavatsky's Theosophical Society. The Theosophical Society was founded on a combination of Plato's atlantis and Darwin's evolutionary theory, or On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. These ideas rejected the true God and replaced Him with the modern 'we're all god' attitude that has swept across much of 'civilized society.' But, in reality, the Theosophical Society and its patrons believe they are the descendants of Odin and Thor, the nordic gods.

All of the nations that have used this logic to kill, steal and destroy, which is all of them, as governments have been lead down the path of destruction. Lets leave this word human behind and call ourselves man, woman, as God intended. Our kind accounts no colour or genetic superiority; Jesus Christ came to give hope to sinners so we all could have a shot at salvation.

In the Name and the Word of Jesus Christ.


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