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Beltane, Easter, Passover and Halloween - The Months of Kidnappings‏

Protecting Your Children in the Months of Sacrifice

As you all know the number of kidnappings/missing persons in the US gets in the 2000-2600 range... per day (90% or so of which are children).

So I wanted to take a look at the stats to see if there was a correlation between satanic holy days and these disappearances, since we know that the sacrifice of people, especially children, is prevalent.

What I found, according to the FBI, that in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 the highest number of kidnappings ALWAYS occurs in MAY.

May 1 is May Day; it is also known as Beltane, or the 'worship of Baal' (which starts the night of April 30 with... kidnapping victims). Those missing victims would not be reported until May 1st, or later, most likely, explaining the high number reported in May.

Not surprisingly, the number of victims varies by month. 4 months of the year always have the majority of the kidnappings. May, March, April and October.

There are satanic holidays which have historically involved murdering children as a part of their ritual: Easter, Halloween, Beltane and (unfortunately) Passover.

April, as a month, gathers so many victims because it is sometimes the month in which easter falls and because it is a preparation month for Beltane on May 1. But it also houses the Passover. In the Kabbalistic tradition, killing a child and mixing its blood in with the unleavened passover bread is quite common. These are not real Israelites doing this, it is their twisted twin brother who believes God demands a re-sacrifice of the children of Egypt during the passover.

There is another factor which makes the number of kidnappings vary between either March or April: Easter's date changes every year as it is a Lunar Holiday (follows the cycle of the moon... just like Ishtar and Isis).

The number of kidnappings actually correlates with the placement of Easter in each year!

    For example:
  • In 2007 Easter was in early April, so the majority of kidnappings occurred in March (and indeed, March had more kidnappings in 2007 than April).
  • In 2008 Easter fell in late March, so the number of kidnappings in February was more than usual (by about 6000 people).
  • In 2011 Easter fell in late April, so March had the fewest number of kidnappings of the four months.

The reason there is such a wide range in the kidnapping period for Easter is because it is predicated by the 40 day "Lent" period in which sacrifices are made to Tammuz, one for each year of his life.

Think of it this way, the priest class of the roman catholic church has its flock fast (removing temptation from the church) in order to allow for the massive infilling of Satan without the consequences from God (a double minded approach) coming down on the church as a whole; this is the idea behind the secrecy of such ritual sacrifices. The parishioners appear blameless, and the priests fall into deep sin.

40 days of sacrificing children to venerate and worship Tammuz, who is literally the False Jesus Christ (the spirit and the image) which presides over the catholic church.

Look at this:

"Inanna's [(Ishtar- Isis)] descent to the underworld is her death, and the end of fertility on earth. Her return to the upper world is her resurrection, the return of life on earth. But renewed life can be purchased only at the price of another's death, in this case her consort Dumuzi [(Tammuz)]. Herein lies the logic of ritual (even human) sacrifice."
-Powell, Barry B. Classical Myth, 2nd ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1998
* Emphasis added.

What Powell points out here is that the sacrifice is made to bring Tammuz back. 40 days of waiting for Tammuz to return results in 40 sacrifices.


October will always have a large number of kidnappings due to Halloween. It is a high sabbat in witchcraft and draws a lot of attention in the world as a playful holiday for kids, despite the fact that most kidnappings that occur in October are to the end of sacrificing the victims on October 31st.

The next couple of months that fall into the top 6 list are June and September (every single year). June is not only the summer solstice, but its also gay month with massive numbers of gay related parades and parties going on around the world. Statistically, around 30% of homosexuals are also pedophiles 1 2 3 (compared to around 2% of normal populations [which include homosexuals]).

September has "Feast of the Nativity" in the roman catholic religion is a little more literal than I would like to think. Its a very important day in the beast church and sacrifice of children on it is not outside the realm of possibility. But, more likely is the Autumn Equinox, in which witches sacrifice children to Apollo and various other gods.

Below is my summary of the stats and the links to the raw statistics so you can check this out for yourself. I would also like to note that the majority of sacrificing children does not happen on satanic holidays, it happens every day in your local abortion clinic. Aborting a fetus is, most often, carried out by a practicing witch. The sacrifice defiles this land, this country and this people; please always consider how horrible of an institution abortion is.

Year and Most Number of Kidnappings Sorted by Month


  1. May - Beltane 1st of May
  2. October - Halloween 31st of October
  3. March - Majority of Easter Kidnappings
  4. April - Easter 8th of April


  1. May - Beltane 1st of May
  2. April - Spill over into February
  3. October - Halloween 31st of October
  4. March - Easter 23rd of March


  1. May - Beltane 1st of May
  2. March - Majority of Easter Kidnappings
  3. April - Easter 12th of April
  4. October - Halloween 31st of October


  1. May - Beltane 1st of May
  2. March - Majority of Easter Kidnappings
  3. April - Easter 4th of April
  4. October - Halloween 31st of October


  1. May - Beltane 1st of May
  2. October - Halloween 31st of October
  3. April - Easter 24th of April
  4. March - Too far from Easter


  1. May - Beltane 1st of May
  2. March - Majority of Easter Kidnappings
  3. April - Easter 8th of April
  4. October - Halloween 31st of October

Disappearances Statistics Links at the FBI:

Glory to Jesus Christ,

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