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Wondering what sort of damage gets done by Wi-Fi?
Corroding metal parts in buildings, like the ones that dropped window panes on the streets of Toronto when the fasteners went to powder from the radiation... corrosion of manhole covers in a way that looks like rust but is not the right color... it's yellow....

Damage to infrastructure is ongoing. Anything metallic will be affected.

And did we mention it also corrodes your health and can literally kill you? For the sake of convenience we are killing ourselves, our children and our reproductive systems.

While this issue is not the biggest one most of us will face in our lifetimes, it is significant to our health and well being.

The Resistance
We must not allow this resistance movement to degenerate into being about smart celebrity personalities. We all have to act rather than leaving it up to a few to lead us.

We must secure our meters and stop focusing solely on the 'Smart Meter.' While the meters do have multiple antennas and do enable frequencies, they are not generators of radiation; they are carriers of radiation which is being generated by smart meter towers and unregulated router collectors.

The meter is simply a frequency enabling node of the system, while the routers/collectors are one of the key, and most overlooked, bi-directional radiation emitting culprits of the grid.

While we continue to focus solely on meters, the router collectors are literally operating below the radar; in fact, in terms of frequencies, they are the radar.

People MUST take this DEADLY SERIOUS matter into their own hands.

FILE an immediate complaint with THE RCMP with a file number regarding reckless endangerment of the public.

Health Canada cannot, as of yet, leave out routers/collectors from the safety equation, yet these devices are key elements indispensable for any frequency equation and these routers/collectors are one of the most dangerous elements, along with towers.

While we have all had our focus on the meter issue, and while preventing installation of meters is essential, COMPARED TO THE MESH NETWORK, METER PREVENTION could risk becoming only a  STOPGAP MEASURE. Most of us do not begin to understand the insurance and liability implications of what is coming.
Multiple routers on multiple poles are designed to emit radiation and will be radiating us via our house wiring while forcing our house wiring and our structures to be coupled into the entire wireless circuit. THE PLAN IS FOR YOUR HOME TO BECOME A WIRELESS FACILITY AS PART OF THE ENTIRE WIRELESS GRID CIRCUIT.

Routers are not rated by Canadian EMF Safety Code Six, they use the "distance" argument for meters and ignore what feed the meters, TOWERS not yet built and ROUTERS now beginning to appear everywhere.

Nor have these other components been considered by the BC or National Building Codes. This is a huge liability, completely uninsurable, a home and eco-wrecker on a scale difficult to comprehend, a completely connected wireless system which includes your house and is able to continuously bi-directionally feed directly into the wiring of up to 4000 homes per router/collector.

Frakensmart pictures are worth a 1000 words.

Smart Grid Cell Router by Itron
Itron and Cisco Launch Next-Generation Smart Grid Platform
Tuesday, January 17th 2012

>>>>>>>MESH Network Antennas by Itron

Itron releases a new collector design – March 2012
Itron OpenWay Mesh Network
Mesh Collector - (PDF)
Mesh Repeater - (PDF)
Drive By Collection - (PDF)

Regions using Itron Centron II : California, Connecticut, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia

Itron OpenWay Meters that use Mesh networks are sending and receiving signals considerably more often then Drive by Data collection.

>>>>>>>MESH Network Antenna in Main Street, Vancouver BC


>>>>>>>MESH Network Antennas in Toronto Ontario

>>>>>>>Read about the “Keg” antennas

>>>>>>>MESH Network in California

>>>>>>>MESH Network in California

>>>>>>>MESH Network in Naperville Illinois

>>>>>>>MESH Network by Itron, BC HYDRO and TELUS - Hwy 10, Langley Bypass, Langley BC

Smart Grid Cell Router by Itron


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