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UPDATE KONY: Dead Already

KONY's Jason Russell Running Around Naked!

You don’t have to be physic to know this was the plan... problem, reaction, solution!! A Resolution was introduced in the US House of Congress to “help” the people of Africa... I read the resolution. It will also “help” the people of the Sudan, Congo, and Central Africa. (Super nation 8).

God help Canadians if the American troops invade Canada with the support of their citizens, because we put our senior citizens out on ice flows to parish.....lol  (Start at 7:21 Funny)
Remember the 1997 film Wag the Dog. The film was about a film director being hired by the US government to make propaganda films for the news. If you think it does not happen for real your mistaken. In the clip above the actress holds a bag of chips and they dub in a cat...lol (Here is a short clip on green screen... pretty wild). With war in Iran on the verge of reality, the world is truly convulsing.
This whole KONY thing promotes AFRICOM among other things. The US has had military bases in Africa for a few years now and they wish to expand their presents. Africans are opposed to AFRICOM.

This is an excellent clip... Africa is rich in not only oil, but natural gas, gold, diamonds and of course human resources. Don’t forget Kony who has not been in Uganda for years, did his worst for 25 years and the international community looked the other way. Now they are using his name for their own gain.

Joseph Kony resolution introduced in House
...lawmakers on Tuesday introduced a resolution supporting efforts to counter the Lord's Resistance Army.
'Kony 2012' Prompts Outrage In Uganda, Future Screenings Canceled
...a public screening of the video in Lira in Northern Uganda, which, according to him, is "the area worst affected by Joseph Kony's Rebel Lord's Resistance Army."
Webb reported that the attendees didn't even get to see the whole film because people became so angry and frustrated with the depiction that they began throwing rocks.
Published: 17 March, 2012, 00:43

Jason Russell, co-founder of non-profit Invisible Children and director of "Kony 2012" viral video campaign. (Reuters / Brendan McDermid)

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed, “Christian” filmmaker behind the Internet’s most recent famous activism campaign, “Kony 2012,” has been arrested. For masturbating. And being drunk. And vandalizing cars. In public. In the morning.

That’s it...Use brainless actors like George Clooney to convince brainless Americans to invade Sudan!! War is peace right?? America to the rescue!!

The American government on a purely humanitarian mission... isn’t that an oxymoron?

Yes the US gov is all heart. They put humanity first when they used depleted uranium on the people of Iraq, or when the wiped out a disabled children’s school in Libya killing them all. Where was Clooney’s voice when over 3000 American Citizens were slaughtered on 9/11? Yes building do fall faster than gravity with no resistance. Physics did not apply that day.

If you look really close you can probably see the stings on Clooney. (What an idiot). Where were all these Hollywood “do-gooders” in the 80’s and 90’s when Africans were getting slaughtered? Clooney stick to acting on the big screen-and womanizing.

Clooney arrested in Sudan protest
By Shaun Tandon (AFP)–1 day ago
WASHINGTON — Actor George Clooney and several members of the US Congress were handcuffed and arrested Friday outside Sudan's embassy as they demanded an end to an offensive they fear will cause thousands to starve.

KONY: Dead Already
By Lesley
I know you've all heard of this KONY 2012 video. Well I was starting to be suspicious and was talking to my sister about it and she also thinks there is something just NOT right about the whole thing. Take the time to read this and pass around, I think it would be nice if people were awake on this thing before it takes place.

Rapid Fire
The professional 30 minute film is up to 73 million views and growing!! In just 9 days.
The term the New World is featured in the video. Looking at the poster.. it shows an upside down pyramid or triangle. Near the end of the clip it states... “We are living in a new world.”  I heard KONY died, so I checked into it. What I could find was he has not been heard from since 2006. I can’t say for sure if he is dead or not.  

Fred Opolot, Ugandan government spokesman, quoted in the Telegraph:
“It is totally misleading to suggest that the war is still in Uganda. I suspect that if that’s the impression they are making, they are doing it only to garner increasing financial resources for their own agenda.”

Now I totally agree terrible events have taken place in Africa, but what is really going on? Why the publicity? Why Now IN 2012?? Some of what is focused on in the video:
→ 2012, false peace
change “for change” where have you heard that before
combining of political parties in harmony
New World Order pastor Rick Warren as one of the “20” (culture) (this is the “pastor” who wants to unite Christianity and Islam called Chrislam)
“this Video expires Dec 31 2012”
“Stop at nothing”

Are you receiving their message??????

Obama says he has watched the YouTube clip and will act. The state dept in supporting this, the White House is supporting this, senator, most politicians ect ect ect... That tells us a lot. Since the people of Uganda know KONY has not been heard from in years. How is it Obama is not aware of this fact. When he sent troops in, in October

Answer.... Of course he is aware, they are just counting on peoples ignorance!!!

PyramidSuper UN Unite!
The US and UN never seemed to care about Sierra Leone massacres, Rwanda, Sudan Darfur genocide, Christians being slaughtered in the Ivory Coast, or any other massacres. Did they care when Idi Amin ex President of Uganda ran wild killing people? They estimate he killed ½ million people. What about Mao Tse Tung? We can credit him with as many as 40-70 million deaths. Did you know Obama had Mao’s image on his Christmas decorations.....?

No doubt Kony was a sick warlord who by all account has been responsible for possibly thousands of deaths. Every person killed is a tragedy, but putting this in perspective he is a small fish compared to other more powerful warlords or dictators. So what is it about Uganda?? Kony is not there.

dfSome frames from the Video
17:08 - Sieg Heil
18:45 - Do you really believe Obama uses a typewriter. Check out the letter.
22:23 - Eye flashed
24:15 - (CBS) All Seeing Eye + Coca Cola 666 esoteric Hand Gesturesd
25:14-15 - All Seeing Eye + Says Obey+ Eagle with the words “inspection” – Sun burst strips- Rose (The last millisecond flashes 25:14)
27:00 - Power + Lorem ipsum Message
23:03 - Obama 2012 re-election plug!!
23:08 - you are reminded of the twin towers events of 911 (read the newspaper below headline)building
dfs25:08 - and forward - Pentagram and the word “Obey”, cartoon like picture that looks a lot like Obama.
25:31 - Reminded again about 9/11

Celebrity Backing
And not surprisingly, a huge number of beast riding celebrities have backed this KONY expedition:
Big name celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon and speaking out about Kony, exposing his evil ways. Oprah, Ryan Seacrest, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Bono, Warren Buffet, George Clooney, Lady Gaga and Rush Limbaugh

Is it any surprise that Gaga, Oprah and others all involved in both fake African charity and uniting the world into one world have pitched in to help.

Setting the Date
They have picked April 20th to graffiti the world with KONY 2012 posters. They tell us April 20th is Hitler’s Birthday, yes that is true but it is also the illuminati fire festival and blood sacrifices leading up to Beltane on May 1st. 13 day festival running from April 19-May 1. Remember for it to be an illuminati event great numbers of people have to witness it and be affected by it directly or indirectly. By the way if they want us to fall for the Hitler connection — Why use Hitler’s Birth date?? If you were highlighting the end of a tyrants rain... wouldn’t you use that dictators death date??? Hitler was reported dead April 30th.

So in essence they are highlighting the birth of a man who wanted to rule the world and killed millions.
April 19th - May 1st Events; Many event include the element of fire:
Columbine High School massacre
Apollo lands on the moon.. (if you believe it) America’s supremacy.
Apollo/Apollyon is the name of the beast in the Bible that comes out of the fiery pit of hell. Guess where in the Bible we find out the name of the beast that comes out of the pit??? [Rev 9:11].
Seal team 6 locate “Bin Laden”
Time Square incident in car (Device)
Los Angeles Riots
Oklahoma City building incident
Pope Benedict XVI took office
Iceland Volcano grounds all flights, but at the same time NATO conducted large military operations
Branch Davidian massacre and fire Waco, Texas
Tiananmen Square Protests
At least 300 people killed in deadliest tornado outbreak in USA 2011
Official end date to the 2003 Iraq war
Pope John Paul II is beatified
Royal Wedding William and Kate
Establishment of the Illuminati in Ingolstadt (Upper Bavaria), by Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt  USA 1776
Adolf Hitler marries Eva Braun. Hitler and Braun reportedly commit suicide the next day.
USA Vietnam War invasion of Cambodia
Just to name a few... there are more.

So I am VERY, suspicious about this KONY 2012. Why do they want the public’s backing for entering central Africa????
Could it be because Uganda is part of Supernation 8, of the Club of Rome Map. Libya is also part of Supernation 8. So are they tying up loose ends?

If you recall from previous articles I went into detail regarding the 10 suppernations that have to come to power as per the plan.
The bottom line is they will get public support for invading Africa. Just like Libya more innocent people will be kill as compared to the “bad guys”.

There will be war in Africa. Pray for the children, don’t be fooled into jumping on the KONY 2012 bandwagon. When more troops invade Africa it will be a takeover. All done is plain sight and with public support.
Fact!!!! Uganda has oil!!
Uganda – Oil Reserves To Rival Saudi Arabia? 
The US wants control of Uganda and the oil because they know China is in talks.
Don’t fall for the propaganda: War is peace and Slavery is freedom?

"Politicians And Diapers Should Be Changed Often And For The Same Reason".

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k-ideas / photo on flickr
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