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The Worlds First Demonic Chimeric Monkey’s
By Lesley and Monika

Scientists Play God Once Again Making Hybrid Animals

monChimeric Monkey Pictures: Primates Developed From Stem Cells Of Multiple Embryos


Because we know you'll ask: no, you can't have one.
Hex, Roku and Chimero, the insanely cute rhesus monkeys pictured here, are the world's first chimeric primates -- monkeys developed from a mix of genes from several parent monkeys rather than just two.

The monkeys are a combo of 6 different genomes. The word Chimera is Greek, it means a hybrid mystical creature. It is the mingling of different species into one: a hybrid. Science has made chimeras before but, officially,
never using a “primate”. If you believed in evolution, a primate means primary organism of man. The first, the prime. So now they have the prime; you know what the next logical step is as scientists try to become as God, and defeating death without Christ.

chimeraHistory of Chimeras
The Chimera on a red-figure Apulian plate, ca 350–340 BC (Musée du Louvre).

Bahpomet is a Chimera. He is half beast/man and woman as he has breasts. He also has the DNA spiral in him.

The Monkey’s Names
Three Monkey’s were born. The Monkey’s names are: Chimero, Hex and Roku.

CHI means X – As in X chromosomes and the number 600 in Greek is X.

Hex: From Greek hexa meaning 6, (hexagon) or from German hexe meaning a curse or a spell

Roku is Japanese for 6.

The monkeys names tell us who the author of this genome project is.....don’t you think????
The mark of the beast, the number of a man: 666.

Biblical Analysis
The Bible is very clear; that in the “Last Days”, man will be manipulating DNA. Essentially; re-writing the book God wrote. DNA reads like a book.

The reason Satan must change the book God is written; is that he must make it so mankind is no longer a creature that qualifies under the laws of God, for Salvation. This is a 100% sure fire way for Satan to ensure those who consent to this procedure will be damned for all eternity! Because their DNA will be joined to that of a beast, they will no longer be God's creation in His image, their names are no longer written in God's book of life because they went and changed the book! As such, they can never enter into Gods presence.
Once you change your DNA you change your species.

If only people understood what Jesus accomplished for them on that fateful day.

Because of the world we live in it's so hard to get the true story. The first thing one need know is, mankind is a created being; man-kind has NOT evolved from rock & water.

stoneEvolving Rocks Photo: katiew / Flickr
If you look into the evolution theory; the beginning of this theory states that after billions of years of salt-water raining on rock a life form began; (JUST COS) and from this life form/ organism, came all the life we know today, from flies to people, all from this same beginning. The evolution theory tells us that primal man or ape man came from this beginning and that primal man, for unknown reasons, broke away from the other life forms that came from the rocks, i.e. same beginning and gained an intelligence and awareness of oneself that the other life forms never did? And this happened for NO known reason? And so nowadays, the masses; their minds, thoughts and belief system, manipulated; by false religion, the mass media, school system, political correctness, government funded policies and procedures etc. Have no idea about the TRUTH of Gods Holy Word; 1611 King James Version Bible.

Now through the above mentioned media and political means; the minds of the ignorant masses are being prepared to accept a doctrine and belief. And through the New Age Movement and through the evolution theory, ignorant man will be seduced into believing that it is possible that man-kind is now becoming mentally ready to enter into the next stage of evolution; which will be to transcend this physical reality; and to become God-like or gods.  The evolutionists and the New Agers believe that man-kind is now going through another stage of evolution. The New Agers believe that those people; namely Christians, will somehow be removed by mother-nature or by the Universe when this change that they are awaiting takes place. I believe it is called the Age of Aquarius. Anyway, it is believed among the New Agers that those people who are not evolving will be lost during whatever event is to occur and those left behind are those that are ready to continue living through this next stage of evolution.

Personally I find it very interesting that the New Age communities are expecting such an event to take place. I find it curious because many Christians believe; based on a certain few passages in Gods Holy Word that there is indeed some kind of event to take place on earth where the grave of those buried will be emptied and Christians all over the planet will suddenly be gone! Gods Word refers to this event as a catching away. We have no idea when this event would take place but we do know the Word tells us it will take place.
For those who do not believe what the New Agers are saying, nor what the Word says; One day it will be known. If a person finds themselves on this planet after such an event, there is still a hope. Let them kill you before you let them mess with your DNA. A fake Jesus will make his appearance after this event takes place, remember he is fake……

Now Back to what Jesus actually did for the whole world. He knew we were all doomed. Doomed and lost because of the sin that had now entered into the blood line. Because of man-kinds lost state, and because it was completely beyond man-kinds ability to ever change this situation, as it was a legal situation. And not any old legal situation either this was a situation like no other, this was a law like gravity, this was huge!! Sin and God can never fellowship. God cannot go against the laws that are set in place. And so like fire and water sin and God can never mingle. Satan knew this; he had way more knowledge then Eve did and so he lied and tricked her into this situation. Satan new the legal situation and new God could not go against the law, it’s not even possible. Satan thought for sure he had won when Jesus was crucified. But in fact it was with the cross that Jesus triumphed over Satan, death, hell, and the grave. In “The Old Testament”,  we learn about man-kinds true beginnings and we learn about his separation from God his creator. We also learn about how God is going to save his creation from the consequences of the law. Like the consequence of gravity; if you jump off a high place you will fall down, and you will hit bottom, you cannot escape that. God became a man, to stop man-kind from hitting bottom. Many men are unaware they are falling and don’t ask for Gods help. However; Jesus still offers to save them just because He loves them and for no other reason.

God became a man in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, and took on a human body of flesh blood and bone.

Why did he have to do that? It is written there is no remission of sin without the shedding of blood.

Jesus died and shed His blood; so that everything Satan had accomplished in separating man-kind from His creator would be totally and completely destroyed! What Jesus accomplished on that day was more work then all His work prior, I'm talking about creating the universe and everything else; as it is written; all things were created by and through Him. With the cross, Jesus once and for all eternity, totally destroyed the works of the enemy of man-kind, which is Satan=Lucifer. The legal consequences of the fall no longer applies to man-kind because the blood of Jesus cleansed All from All unrighteousness, for All those who Believe; and if ye believe in what the Lord has done it is accounted to you for righteousness. Believe when it says while we we’re sinners, while we were enemies of God, He died for us. It’s not about performance or ritual. Its about believing in your heart that Jesus has taken away the power of death in your life. You know longer have to feel guilty of your past, it’s gone. As far as the east is from the west so it’s written. Never to be brought up against you again. That is huge, when you consider this is God talking here. Who can argue this statement? Who can condemn a man that God excuses?

Man-kind cannot pay this debt to God, it’s not possible.

kjvThe Laws of Salvation
So it becomes a legal matter; like the Laws of the Universe. As with the law of gravity, it just is; and the law is, that God cannot fellowship with that which is unholy; that's just the way it is. On account of this universal truth, God found a way to righteously and legally make us holy.

God wants man-kind to believe that He Is. And to believe His promises to us all, that's it! Once a man/ woman is saved, The Holy Spirit of God helps you, so that you are no longer a slave to those things that destroy your life, addictions etc. Once a man/ woman is saved there is no reason to fear death, Jesus conquered death, hell and the grave! That's reason to celebrate. That’s Good News!

 When Jesus arose from the dead he walked the earth showing himself to people all over the land for 40 days. During this time He ate etc. Jesus was in his new body.

It says; His new body was flesh & bone, makes no mention of blood, which is very interesting because if a man has no blood what keeps him alive? As we know, the life is in the blood, as it is written.

Jesus in his new body; was a foreshadowing of how our bodies will be when we are changed. It will be the Holy Spirit of God that keeps us alive forever; we will not have blood as we do now in the flesh. As it is written; flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.

Saved people have the Holy Spirit indwelling them, but not to the extent that will happen when we are all changed.

The Bible truly is the most amazing book ever to be written. It tells so much about the past present and the future yet to come. The prophecies contained in the pages have come to pass with 100% accuracy, and will continue to do so. No book on earth can boast of this. Jesus is a good King, the best King! How many Kings would lay down their own life to save their people? Better yet, how many Kings would lay down their life to save their enemies? Think about it! You never know when you will take your last breath and the day you do, it will be too late…….

Other Resources: Mike Hoggard

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