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As they say..... All the world's a stage
And all the men and women merely players: Shakespeare
By Lesley

Madonna’s Super bowl ritual was in her own words like entering the Holy of Holies. She stated this on Anderson Cooper and Jay Leno. Only the high priest can enter the Holy of Holies and offer a blood sacrifice on Yom Kippur Sabbath day. We all agree Madonna was performing as a high priestess, but where was the sacrifice?

Whitney Houston was the Blood sacrifice that was offered on the following Sabbath day - Saturday February 11th.

Whitney was born on August the 9th and died on February 11th. 9-11, the numbers that surrounded her public human sacrifice rituals. As we know the more public the better, for maximum effect. Everything that takes place in public is first planned in private. The number 11 in the occult is about transgression of the law, confusion, rebellion, war, sin, sorcery and martyrdom. Whitney’s room number 434 = 11 (4+3+4). Her death the night before the Grammy’s (the 11th) was especially perfect, because in witchcraft they wish to  harness the energy of the deceased and the living. People that would not have normally tuned in did. At 15 she sang back-up for Chaka Khan; she was in the music industry for 33 years.

Looking at the dates:
February 11 2010 Alexander McQueen, (Huge name in fashion / close ties with Lady Gaga) dies at 40.

February 11 2011 Lady Gaga song “Born this way” was released.

At the 2011 Grammys Gaga said this:

“I need to thank Whitney Houston. I wanted to thank Whitney, because when I wrote ‘Born this Way,’ I imagined she was singing it – because I wasn’t secure enough in myself to imagine I was a superstar. So, Whitney, I imagined you were singing ‘Born This Way’ when I wrote it.”

February 11, 2012 Whitney Houston dies

Gaga wears what appears to be funeral attire to the 2012 Grammys. Her outfit would have been picked out well before the Grammys.
She says nothing, does not walk the red carpet and does not perform.  She did not even present an award.  Last year she won 3 Grammys this year she won nothing. Photo credit.
Was this “morning” outfit planned by her and her handlers weeks ago??? She carries a gold scepter. Scepters signifies Royalty and a Kingdom. Cee lo Green carried one at the Super bowl ritual the weekend before that appeared to resemble the freemason scepter. She reminds me of the evil Disney Queen, who wanted snow white dead. Did the Queen just sit back and watch? Was the scepter in homage to a death in music royalty? Or did Lady Gaga simply hold the Scepter, and take a back seat in honor of the Queens Jubilee (See YouTube clip at bottom of this article)

Lady Gaga preformed one of her hits in a bathtub for American Idol; a very sick video.  http://youtu.be/cT4Yv7avGZQ

Then of course there was the article about her leaving what looked like a blood filled bathtub in her hotel room.

A day before Whitney’s death, Clive Davis told Piers Morgan that Jennifer Hudson was “the next Whitney”. It was Jennifer Hudson that sang Whitney’s song “I will always love you” at the 2012 Grammys. Funny how Jennifer Hudson’s whole family was murdered. I guess Clive Davis and the music industry is her family now.

As a side note… The Foo Fighters and Deadmau5 perform outside at the Grammys. It ended with some weird Mickey Mouse performance. OF COURSE IT DID!!

They can’t forget good old Mickey Mouse.  http://youtu.be/gzx3S_JkTHU

As if it could not get any stranger. Take a look at these pictures.

With the Egyptian Motif in mind take a look at Whitney’s mothers coat. Kind of interesting. Photo Credit.

have a very close
friend and her daughter that I have known for many years. Her daughter is my age and I just got off the phone with her mom. Her daughter (who I will call Lisa-not her real name) is in California staying at the Beverly Hills Hilton for about a month just to get away, a bit of a holiday.

I knew she was at the same Hotel Whitney died at but I did not know she and her friend were in the same spot where Whitney was earlier. She says WH was really wasted, her supposed friends or her entourage were with her.  She said she looked like crap but she kept hearing the people she was with telling WH that she looked amazing and was so beautiful.

It was making “Lisa” sick, like they didn’t care about her just another piece of Hollywood meat. Then she said they had to practically carry her out of the place and it was the middle of the afternoon. 

For all we know one of the people telling WH she was so great was giving her something. Kind of brought up images of Anna Nicole Smith; a complete train wreak but her “handler/boyfriend” filming her with clown makeup on telling her she is wonderful. How easy would it be to drug a person who the media already thinks is a drug addict. Plausible deniability. The coroner would not even think it strange to find certain drugs in her system: “oh well she was a drug addict”.  The media has already put into the minds of the masses she died of a drug overdose, but as of yet her cause of death is pending. No mention of strange or illegal drugs found in her hotel room, but the authorities state it is not a homicide??? There is more than meets the “eye”!

To put yet another twist to the story, President Obama stayed at the Hilton 3 days after her death.

Official Media Lies
Knowing the media lies as much as they breath, I do not buy the official story. Did no one she was with know she was having issues the day she died? She was alone (or not alone) in her hotel room to be left to her own devices in the state she was in??? She had many people she paid to travel with her.

Apparently WH had multiple rooms at the hotel for all her entourage. She has people to do her hair, her make-up, a personal bodyguard, and some family members. Where were all these people that she was alone? She was found by her Bodyguard, is this a play on her Movie the Bodyguard. Which by the way was on TV the night she died. I said to my husband isn’t that strange that her movie is on; aren’t shows/programs, scheduled/planned well in advance? Almost like someone knew?!? Brittany Murphy another one where art imitated life.

Stealing Life
I am just starting to think about some things that are happening around us. In fact one scientist explains these noises as natural magnetic field like energy waves, but that is a lot of energy to produce these sounds if you ask me.

So in terms of harvesting human energy, we know we give off energy this is a scientific fact. As a cardiac RN I know I can put electrodes on a person’s skin and read the waves and interpret the heart rhythm. Unseen energy is friction, kinetic and so on. Likewise we know everything has energy. In the occult they try to harvest or control energy. Energy follows thought. The media can control our thoughts thus controlling our energy.

Take the law of thermodynamics which states energy cannot be created or destroyed but can only be changed from one form to another. So I would conclude it would have to be harvested/gathered or focused in order to use it. I believe this law is told to us in Genesis. Where we see the Lord finished his creation; all matter/energy that was to be created, was and it was finished.

[Gen 2:1-3] Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them.
And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.
And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.
monstersTake a look at the Disney movie Monsters Inc. To the untrained eye it looks innocent enough, but the whole idea of the story is about harvesting energy by scaring children and collecting their screams as energy to power the city. The president of the city says without screams we have no power. “Their screams give us power.”  'A human resource.' How true, when men live in fear he reacts instead of acting. Living in fear keeps you powerless. Jesus said we have not been given a spirit of fear.

The film came out in 2001, but was in creation long before that. Notice the time on the clock in the factory.

The monsters enter the human realm by way of “doors” in the middle of the night into a child’s bedroom. In the occult we know doors mean grounds by which demons enter a person’s life. For example if you play with a Ouija-board that means you have given permission of your own free will and take your chances, you have opened a door. The film ends with adding sugar to help the medicine go down; so now they are not harvesting screams of children, but laughter. Oh how nice! Still energy just packaged differently.

boss The president who reminds me of a bankster says..."I'll kidnap a thousand children before I let this company die."
Energy can be channelled or focused. When we all do the same thing at the same time that is a lot of energy directed to a focus. Witches use this focus of human energy to pull off major plans. They believe spirits manifest in our physical world during a full moon.

We had an incredible full moon on Feb 7th. Witches believe spells and energy have to be as close to the full moon as possible. I can tell you for sure that around and during a full moon the hospital fills up with “crazies”.

During that week-one night we had 7 form 1’s waiting for beds, and another night we had 8 form 1’s waiting.  Everyone was talking about it. What is going on?!! A form 1 means your legal rights are temporarily suspended until you can be psychiatrically assessed.

This is a big deal and will not happen lightly. The word lunatic comes from the Latin word Luna (moon).  Are people with mental health problems sensitive to this energy?  Paranormal activity? Science is divided on this issue, some say yes there is a lunar effect, others disagree but most front line workers believe this is a real phenomena.

The principle of the Bible of worshipping no other gods might explain this phenomena. All pagan religions and false religion have one thing in common: they worship the moon or honour the moon is same fashion. Moon gods, moon goddess, moon phases, the occult, all forms of witchcraft, crescent moon religion, ect. It comes down to worshiping the Creator not the creation. When you step out of the protecting of the one true God consequences follow.

In Mat 17:15, the word in Greek is seleniazomai, which translates to “moon-struck”. From Feb 5th 2012 till Feb 12th 2012 major media events took place with a large energy focus.

Occultists worship of the Full moon happens before during and after
The Super bowl on the 5th; Queens Jubilee on the 6th (The Queen officially took the throne on Feb 6th, 1952 but was not coronated till June 2nd 1953); then full moon on the 7th; Whitney dies on the 11th and the Grammy’s on the 12th.  The events of the Super bowl and the Grammy’s were from one Sunday to the next Sunday. The day of worship. With each performance we witnessed a black mass.

I remember a preacher saying when the Royal Wedding happened not to watch it because it would be a huge energy harvest. It was after hearing that I looked into this whole energy harvesting done by occultist. When Whitney Houston died people that would not normally watch the Grammys did. Her death helped focus energy.

Human emotion was very high. During the Grammys a satanic ritual was performed by Nicki Manaj that was viewed by millions.

“The performance, called The exorcism of [Nicki's alter ego] Roman", Nicki Manaj entered the Grammys with a ritualistic red robe and the “pope” on her arm. →

Roman Zolanski the name of Nicki’s alter brings up thoughts of Roman Polanski convicted child rapist and husband of the late Sharon Tate, murdered by Charles Manson. Polanski also produced the horror film Rosemary’s Baby. The movie was about the birth of the antichrist.

Speaking of Alters, I see Adele really was the star of the night winning 6 Grammys, Adele’s Alter is called Sasha Carter. Congratulations Sasha Carter!!

Niki Minaj.

Pre-Grammy Weirdness
The night before the Grammys there was a big pre Grammy party at the Beverly Hills Hilton. The party was put on by Clive Davis, he was suppose to be a dear friend, but despite her death the party/celebration continued. My friend was watching the people in the lobby and she said Hotel staff were picking up all the flowers left there in honour of WH and just tossing them into the garbage. This made her angry and they had had enough so started walking about the hotel.

Opened a door thinking they could walk through it and found two men sitting in chairs with WH body on a gurney and the two men were laughing and talking. They said nothing to “Lisa” she just closed the door and took off.  She said there was no security, she just walked right up to that door.

So the whole time the party was going on her body lay next to the party. Was this some sick ritual to have her dead body nearby? The newspapers reported her body did not leave the Hotel till after 12 am and she was found before 4pm in the afternoon. First I have to tell you my friend is not a conspiracy person or even thinks that way.

She was totally horrified. She said TV screens were on around the place showing the tributes at the party to WH. All saying we love you Whitney ect ect. But all “Lisa” was thinking was WH was alone in that back room with no family members. She was just an image not a person. “Lisa” cried for 2 hours on the phone to her mom.

The biggest reality for her was the realization that stars are just names, an image, money makers. Used and abused. Oh how right she is, her body was barely cold when Sony and iTunes put up the prices of her music. Whitney usefulness had come to an end, she is worth more dead than alive, so she made a perfect sacrifice.  Chaka Khan agrees

At Clive Davis’ party there was a minute of silence and this is the picture they used.

Does the image of sacrifice come to mind???? Of all the beautiful pictures of Whitney they pick this one????

Knowing the only one who ever created energy was God. Energy cannot be made only be changed from one form to another, in essence harvested so it can be used. Do demons need our energy to manifest as they can’t make their own? When large numbers of people are all focused on the same thing it is a form of worship.

Have you ever been to a wonderful church service were everyone is praising the Lord and you just feel the Lords presents around you? Well likewise when the focus is not on the Lord but another symbol, large amounts of human energy is given to a focus - other things manifest. I believe demonic spirits manifest at rock concerts etc. At events people are presented with symbolism they don’t understand but are willing participants and there is a collection of energy.

This is not an easy thing to explain but our actions and what we give our energy to and what we worship has a big effect on our living world around us.
For some more interesting reading and more questions:
Whitney Houston's Mystery Friend Was Also Michael Jackson's Pal

Katy Perry??????

← This is an interesting clip, in two parts. Lady Gaga took a back seat at this year’s Grammys; was she just simply holding the scepter to show the Royal Presents at the Grammys? Was Whitney a Sacrifice for the Royal Jubilee as this YouTube clip states?

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