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The Kinsey Syndrome

The Father of Modern Pedophilia & Sex Education

The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform.
-Alfred Kinsey

Alfred Kinsey is the father of modern scientific research on childhood sexuality. His Kinsey Reports, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male in 1948, followed by Sexual Behavior in the Human Female in 1953, became the foundation of the attitude towards sexuality the result of which has been amplified up until today. These two reports are the foundation and basis of our modern sex education in public schools and legal foundation for prosecuting sex offenders.

The study entailed, in four charts (Below and Right), one of which details the sexual exploitation of children as early as 5 months old, who were ‘stimulated manually and orally’ to ‘orgasm.’
This stimulation was obviously forced, as a child that young has no ability to choose such a thing and the interpretation of what an orgasm is was up to the pedophiles who recorded the data.
That’s right, Kinsey recruited pedophiles and encouraged them to use stopwatches as they raped the children, in order to aid his research. Years later a woman came out under the pseudonym Ellen White, and confessed that her father had raped her repeatedly as a child while holding a stopwatch. He would later boast to her that ‘I helped Mr. Kinsey write his book.’
None of the pedophiles involved in the study were ever reported by Kinsey, investigated or convicted of a crime.
What’s worse is what resulted from the release of the research.kinnsey
Kinsey argued, after having admittedly interviewed only jailed sex offenders, that 60% of men in America had had a homosexual experience to the point of orgasm. He further argued that children could benefit from incest and early sexual contact from family members.
It is this research which became the foundation of the sexual revolution in the 1960’s where homosexuality and childhood sex education became legalized and socially accepted by the mainstream media.
Your children are educated on how to use condoms and how to have sex because of the research conducted by a group of around 30 pedophiles. Kinsey’s books are the only basis for such legislation and social change. There is, in fact, not one single study since that has duplicated his results.
His research was also greatly based on the idea that man was an animal, a beast, and had little to do but respond mechanically to stimulation. This theory has its foundation in one of Kinsey’s brethren, Charles Darwin.
Kinsey was also a great admirer of Alister Crowley, the satanic priest who conducted numerous rape-murder-sacrifice rituals in an attempt to attain satanic power. It was his homosexuality and pedophilia that inspired Alfred Kinsey to conduct his illegal research.
Even his co-writers and staff members admit that the participants in the study were criminal pedophiles and unwilling children.
Kinsey would, after many years of sickening rapes, tie his testicles to a rope connected to a ceiling beam and jump off of a ladder. The damage to his organs would later be the cause of his death.
It is also important to note that Kinsey had many followers who would steam roll the homosexuality/pedophilia mantra forward over the next 60 years. Namely, Harry Hay, founder of The Mattachine Society, the first national gay rights organization, Hue Heffner, founder of playboy magazine and Clarence Tripp, one of Kinsey’s original team members who videotaped the ‘research’ and would advocated Kinsey’s ‘teachings’ well into modern times. The one thing all of these men have in common is they have all been accused of having raped children and none of them were ever investigated.
Paul Gebhard, one of the other team members would shed light with startling revelations about Kinsey’s work later in his life in the film Secret History: Kinsey’s Paedophiles. He was the first to admit that all of the participants of the study were convicted criminals, that the data was based on only the live of the sexually perverse. But the scientific community never seemed to pick up on this and Kinsey’s researched as been used as damming evidence in over 650 sexual abuse cases in the past 60 years.
It is Kinsey’s recommendations that once a sex offender has committed the act they are unlikely to do it again, which changed the rape laws in the US, Canada, and much of the world. That is why you never see pedophiles, who do not murder their victims, going to jail, they are always released on 2 years probation based on the works of Kinsey.
By far the most disgusting mutation of Kinsey’s work came in the form of David Thorstad, the founder of NAMBLA (The North American Man/Boy Love Association). NAMBLA is a pedophilic organization, they engage in the open rape of young boys and girls arguing that Kinsey’s research and now federal law back up they beliefs and practices.
There would also surface evidence that the catholic church was in favour of Kinsey’s ideals amid a world-wide scandal concerning pedophile priests. Since that time the catholic church has vehemently denied any connection to Kinsey, despite the fact that none of the investigated and proven pedophiles of the catholic church were even imprisoned, merely relocated.
In 2004 Hollywood would release a confoundingly sympathetic film Kinsey starring Liam Neeson that painted Kinsey as a hero, completely sidetracking the absolute fact that actual infant rape was the central cog in his philosophical machine.
There are numerous other effects that Kinsey had, most of them concerning the content on television. Masturbation and sexually explicit materials became central themes on television drawing crowds in front of the television to fixate on perversion. Kinsey’s reports managed to be an excuse for television stations to argue from freer and looser social acceptance for depicting sex in all media forms. The pornography industry sprung out of this pit in the 1970’s and fomented a ghastly trend of both hetero/homo and pedophilic sexual trends. Rape incidences and kidnappings of small children resulting in rape/murders would explode in the years following Kinsey’s mantra of “Do your best and let other people react as they will” a variation on Alistar Crowley’s “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”
And to top this all off, Kinsey had direct funding to conduct his research and later, to travel around the country and speak, by non other than the Rockefeller foundation. The Rockefellers who fund ever eugenics movement, ever social reform movement and who have helped to bank roll the world into a desired despotic despotism. And, of course, he appeared on the cover of Time magazine commemorating his life, just not the defilement bits.
If you want to understand why sex is such an invasive part of your life, why is consumes most people and tempts them into evil you need only look to Alfred Kinsey. To find refuge and forgiveness from this vile expression of baseness read the 1611 King James Bible and find peace in the Word!

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