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Satanic Union UPDATE
The border is being carved up by the New Modern Order. Harper and Obama reached an Nazi style servalliance and police state agreement to merge the US and Canadian border patrols.

Read the 4th paragraph, it sounds EXACTLY like the name of the document listed in opening minutes of Loose Change 2nd edition.

And now they coin it the New Modern Order.

This next link shows you when this new deal takes affect! If you read other reports you will read that Obama needs to win the election this year in order for this deal to pass.  Not so according to the dates listed. The first round of legislation is expected to take affect this summer! One even called for as early as April!

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African Union
Pacific Union
← Check out this photo of the Union flags of the world. The North American Union is at the 12 noon position.

Notice the UN styled logo with the 5 arrows pointing downward; reminds me of the 5 points of lucifer in Isaiah 14:12

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the next phase of the NEW WORLD ORDER

Satanic Union

The socialist movement of 'Occupy whatever' is being used to convince people that a lesser of two evils is the already in place North American Union.  If enough people are convinced we need change then the Bank of Canada, Federal Reserve and The Bank of Mexico will be abolished in favour of a North American Union economic system. This could easily be pulled off by our current leaders; or the ones to come in up coming elections.

International Union of North America Joins with Occupy Movement. This 'Day of Action' is much like the 'Day of Rage' that took place in Libya just before the massive slaughter of innocents; especially blacks and children.

These Unions are being formed out of false flag wars and conflicts. I.E. the South Asian Union will be formed as a result of Indians and Pakistanis who are 'sick of all the fighting.' The North American Union was formed as a result of an 'we're not that much different' philosophy. The Middle Eastern Union will be formed as a result of desiring peace and security  between all of the Islamic nations. The world will then turn on Israel, which has been propagated against for years. However, the Israeli state was ill gotten in my view through deals with the devil.

The Unions around the world continue to be formed, as the Club of Rome's ten regions come together as a one world religion, through Rome (the vatican) comes into place.

Eurasian Union

Latin American Union

Middle East Union

South Asian Union [Source 2]

Another aspect of this plan is to plant a central, IMF owned or leveraged bank in every country of the world. Once that happens the world economy will collapse and the IMF will take over. The global economy is the one world government, even though the world will be split up into 10 unions. The unions act only as political war zones. The one world economy, along with a one world religion and one world power structure will block out the sun, in a sense, killing the internet and waging a new war against Gods children.

Countries without a central bank since 2000:
North Korea

This war against God will end up to be a reaping of what those evil principalities have sewn. The evil will be consumed by evil as the good will meet their saviour from hellfire. Faith in Jesus Christ is the only power in these end times. There will be no more resistance, this is the end.

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