Welcome to the Jungle
TruthSEEKERtimes launches in a time of great turmoil and enlightenment. WE WANT YOU to join the fight!

We’ve launched this newspaper in hopes of drawing people to the truth and with the goal of pooling those who already know the truth. Through a concentration of our efforts, insights and skills injected into a media platform, truthers can begin to express themselves without ridicule.

We want a warming, like-minded community of writers, not because we fear those who disagree, but because truthers tend to be a scattered bunch; there are few who truly understand the nature of our reality from a perspective of absolute factual history, science, philosophy and government.

Please be critical, decisive, discerning and honest in your reading and understanding of this news source.
We need your criticism, we need the opposition in order to improve our understanding and learn.

It is absolutely illogical to claim to be impartial, neutral or fair when producing a newspaper. There is no way a man can separate himself from what he believes and feels to be true. We cannot strip information, we cannot remove the history of a sources lifetime, it cannot be done.

All information, all news is second hand. As we’ve seen in the faking of a Tripoli square victory by the ‘rebels’ is that even visual and audio sources must submit to skepticism.

There is no direct line to the truth, it is a long and narrow path.

So, what about you?
If you feel the same, if you look at the world and understand the current appeal of lies projected on the minds of the ‘civilian,’ then you might want to write for us.

There will be both a digital and print edition of this paper. We are based in Toronto, Ontario, and tend to focus on any subject that happens upon us. Truth is being revealed all over the Earth right now, it seems prudent to have it locally analyzed.

There is another conflict that may arise as an issue, religion. Religion is a way of life, it requires a creation story, a definition of God and a prophecy or future outlook. Religions themselves are often never followed to the letter of their doctrine.

I am a Christian, I believe Jesus the Christ is the son of God. I pray that this paper reach success in informing and saving any people that need saving.

If your interest at heart is to reveal the truth or spread the news of a revealed truth, we agree. Take that as you will.

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