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NATO Continues Senseless Bloodshed of the Libyan People

'Humanitarian Bombings' target humans

The rabid bombing of Libya in the past 5 monthes has left an untold number dead, most children.
Mainstreamers will tell you that fact is a selling point, nothing but a sympathtic opinion, but its the simple truth affliated with NATO since Kosovo.

The obvious forgery of Tripoli Square, a fake set filmed by Al Jazeera, made to look as if Tripoli had been taken by rebels in late August.

The reports now are that ‘Rebel’ troops are beheading Libyan civilians.

This hatred is a typical example of a NATO, U.S., European Union massacre.

But this isn’t just some simple tale of a poverty stricken nation being manipulated into a civil war. Libya’s history is as complicated as the current war.

Libyan History
In 1969 Mohammar Quaddafi lead a peaceful campaign to route out the British Monarchy and King Idris I, who had ruled over Libya since WWII. Since that time, Libya went from being the poorest country in the entire world, and one of the most uneducated, to the powerhouse of Africa.

Rise to Power
Libya’s literacy rate shot from 9% to 90%, it has the lowest rates of poverty, infant mortality, malnourishment and incarceration not only in Africa, but the entire world. This alongside a high life expectancy, the largest GDP and the highest Human Development Index in Africa, free health care and education and was one of the few countries still under rapid growth during the global recession.

This prosperity reached its zenith when, in 2004 the US/European Trade embargo on Libya was lifted, re-opening its oil wells and causing an influx of foreign investment.

The Libyan Investment Authority was founded in 2006, and invested the money worldwide. The effect of these investments greatly benefitted not just libya, but all of Africa in the form of employment, security and the launch of the first satellites by the Regional African Satellite Communications Organization.

A multi-billion dollar a year surplus resulted, which Libyan Leader Mohammar Quaddafi wanted to give “directly to the Libyan people” in the form of a gold currency.

His philanthropy did not sit well with International powers, so the LIA and the United Nations wanted him out; in order to rob Libyans of their surplus.

Also significant were the Human Rights suggestions for Libya the United Nations had set forth in their November 2010 Human Rights Council Report, after his ernest 2009 visit. Their complaints about the Government structure were benign, citing only a general trend of indefinability of Libyan law, but also that:
The people’s democratic system and the basic legislation applied in the Jamahiriya together form a basis for the enjoyment of all rights, in addition to which human rights and democracy are fundamental values of Libyan Jamahiri society.

When Quaddafi refused to participate, the UN began to put political pressure on the leader.
But Quaddafi resisted, so a coup was staged on feb 17, 2011 called ‘the day of rage.’ Citizens were convinced by Internationally funded ‘rebels’ that Quaddafi was corrupt and responsible for high unemployment rates, violation of freedom of expression and deteriorating living conditions in a time of global economic starvation.

Quaddafi’s defiance leads to the the seizing of 32 billion dollars by the US on Feb 28th, which had been deposited just 5 weeks before by the corrupt LIA. 45 billion Euros were also seized by the European Union, in an effort to economically starve Quaddafi out of power.

But he was sitting on a pile of gold, enough to fund a 20 year war, so NATO took action. The airstrikes began in March 18, 2011.

Obama claimed the actions were humanitarian while civilians were slaughtered, he claimed Quaddafi had lost the confidence of his people, despite the majority of Libya rallys being in his favour.

Obama, under the direction of NATO, then breaks Constitutional law under the guise of a kenetic military action.

Today, Libya lies in ruin, a Libyan holocaust has been perpetrated by the new world.

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