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Achieving True Freedom for Canadians
The path to freedom is paved in bones; here's more peaceful visage

So what is the solutions to the current economic and legal turmoil that Canada is currently experiencing? Is there a solution or are we damned to a life of socialist despotism?
There are a wide range of things the government of this country can achieve in order to return Canada to a path of economic growth and secure our rights; here’s the plan.

ONE. Scrap the current taxation system and replace it with a free-base taxation system. This essentially entails taxation on currency interactions and the removal of income taxes. All taxes would be proportional to the economy, meaning that you are taxed when you reference the economy using a national currency. That means taxation on every interaction of monies, both foreign and domestic, minus food. A system like this would greatly reduce the taxation rate and give the economy the shot in the arm it needs. This also means that the value of our dollar is declared in relation to our GDP. This idea might seems scary for smaller countries and economies, but in truth, the GDP of say, the United States, must take into account its national debt, meaning that debt societies have essentially an almost worthless currency in relation to a free-based economy with little or no debt.

TWO. Scrap our national debt owing to private banks. The interest we pay every year to private banks is criminal. There is no reason for our government to be borrowing money from private interest when we can borrow it from the public (Bank of Canada). Essentially, private collection of public funds is illegal because the taxation system cannot be used as a front to pay into non-essential services. In addition, the banks and politicians involved in creating this system should be investigated and prosecuted.

THREE. Begin the systematic banning of products, wholly or in part, manufactured in slave labour or perpetual debt economies. These corporations must be held accountable for offshore exploitation of peoples and resources: in other words, we cannot associate with companies who break Canadian laws even when those crimes are not committed in our own country.

FOUR. Tear down NAFTA. This free trade agreement, at its base level, is nothing more than a means of confusion. The tariffs and taxes associated with trade need not apply in a free-base economy.

FIVE. Remove ourselves from the UN. The UN has done more harm than good to national economies and to world-wide freedoms. It is pointless to be associated with a group of people who do not think.

SIX. Rescind the banker bailouts and hold all politicians and businesses involved in co-opting public funds illegally accountable for their actions.

SEVEN. Revamp our current public education system. Education is a big problem in this country. Our schools should not just be teaching fundamental skills like reading and writing, but the fundamental ideas that will help re-create this country. Our children know nothing of our economic systems and how it is supposed to work. A national ignorance is the single most contributing factor to our current decline in both our rights and economy. We must teach our children not just how the system works, but why it is built the way it is. We must encourage our children to start their own businesses. We must teach our children how to grow their own food. We must teach our children basic medical procedures. These are essential ideas that man has passed down throughout history, yet our children know little of how to survive on their own, independent of dependency.

EIGHT. Promote good health through the agricultural systems. The food we eat directly effect our health. It is important for us as a populace to realize which foods do what to our bodies. Much of the food found in grocery stores has been modified chemically. Modified food is modified health, simple. By investigating companies and corporations who use hormone treatments, GMOs and heavy pesticides we can reduce disease and relieve pressure on the medical system.

NINE. Legalization of all naturally growing drugs, i.e. marijuana and mushrooms. These drugs are not refined or manufactured, they are merely picked and consumed, thus it is inconceivable that a government could declare an unrefined plant illegal.

TEN. Pull everyone out of Afghanistan. There is no reason to be there, no reason that our soldiers died.

ELEVEN. Take our country to the skies. We need to sever all ties to previous monarchies and despotic societies that came before us. Remove the Queen from the back of our coins, eliminate all legislative ritual that ties Canada into Britain, take small incremental steps to create our own culture that stands both independently and in camaraderie with the rest of the world.

TWELVE. Prosecution of media consortiums that systematically spread news that backs corporate interests or otherwise creates propaganda in order to control peoples and ideologies.

These steps will transform Canada into the leading country in economic and social development. Our economy will explode, immigration to this country will increase exponentially. We will spread freedom and inspire the rest of the world to stand up and say no to tyranny. These solutions are within our grasp, they are simple and easily implemented. We will succeed if we follow to path to freedom.

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